I would like to take this opportunity to introduce your company to Lee & Associates.

Lee & Associates is a global real estate brokerage and consulting firm dedicated to identifying workplace solutions. Unlike other real estate firms in the marketplace, our fiduciary responsibility lies solely with the client. Our approach guarantees that your business will receive our full attention without any perceived conflict of interest throughout the course of our real estate alliance.

Our goals at Lee & Associates are simple: Reduce our clients’ occupancy costs and increase their workplace efficiency. We do this by analyzing your business goals and then developing and implementing a facility strategy that works in conjunction with those goals.

As the premier corporate real estate firm, Lee & Associates can provide the following services:

  • Strategic Planning through early identification of long term goals
  • Relocations, Lease Renewals, Subleasing, and Site Acquisitions
  • Procurement of additional space as your company expands.
  • Identify excess space and implement a program of disposition.
  • Construction management and administration
  • Post Occupancy Programs to identify key notification dates, lease audits, and expense control

By approaching each assignment strictly from the client’s perspective and overlapping our real estate expertise with a clear understanding of your business, we are consistently able to achieve superior results regardless of your area of operations..


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